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Education is one of the most important aspects for the development of a country. Indonesia is no exception. A good quality education is essential to ensure that the country can progress and develop. The Indonesian government is well aware of this, and has put in place a number of policies and programs to improve the education system. This article will look at the opinion of Indonesians on the current state of education in the country.

Appreciation for the Progress Made

Indonesians appreciate the progress that has been made in the education sector. The government has invested heavily in providing better infrastructure, resources and teaching staff. This has resulted in better-equipped schools, improved learning materials and better-trained teachers. As a result, education standards have improved significantly.

Concerns About Inequality

Despite the progress made, there is still a large gap between the quality of education offered in rural and urban areas. The quality of education in rural areas is still much lower than that offered in cities. This inequality has caused many Indonesians to be concerned about the quality of education in the country.

Lack of Motivation and Support for Teachers

The lack of motivation and support for teachers is another issue that has raised concerns among Indonesians. Teachers are not given sufficient incentives to stay in the profession, and many have left the profession due to lack of pay and other benefits. This has affected the quality of education in the country.

Poor Quality of Teaching

The quality of teaching is another issue that has been raised by Indonesians. Many teachers lack the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach their students. This has led to poor teaching standards, which has had a negative impact on student learning outcomes.

Lack of Quality Assurance

The lack of quality assurance is another issue that has been raised. There is no mechanism in place to ensure that the quality of education is maintained at a certain standard. This has led to many schools not being able to provide the quality of education that they should be providing.

Poor Access to Technology

Another issue that has been raised by Indonesians is the lack of access to technology. Many schools do not have the necessary equipment or resources to enable students to learn effectively. This has led to poor educational outcomes for students.


Overall, Indonesians have mixed feelings about the current state of education in the country. While there has been progress made in terms of infrastructure, resources and teacher training, there is still much to be done in terms of quality assurance, motivation and support for teachers, and access to technology. It is hoped that the Indonesian government will continue to invest in the education system and ensure that the quality of education is maintained.

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